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Will your future self thank you?

Aging, WTF?

In a world that says a woman’s value is in her youth, we dare to say the opposite.  Although the years beyond 40+ may be a time of transition, they are also a time of great opportunity, confidence and happiness.  A Clever Girl Would make a plan to enjoy the time of her life when she is most free to explore her passions, her womanhood, personal goals and her strong sense-of-self.  We invite you to join us on the journey to change how we women, and the world define aging in the Second Prime of our lives. The future we create for ourselves is in our capable hands, we are here to build our happiness as we age gracefully, purposefully and joyfully…

What is the Second Prime?

The Second Prime and our Second Prime Guide™ is about defining what you want your future life to look like, feel like and ultimately grow into.  Spirituality, relationships, health, self-care, fun and finances are in your court.  You get to CHOOSE and then CREATE your happiness now and in the future to come. The answer to our guiding question, will your future self thank you? It’s a resounding YES!



Enjoy the delight of adventure, discovery and continuous learning. 

Develop a crystal clear vision for her future and go out and create it.

Respect one’s body and spirit and be
pro-active in nurturing it. 

Listen to the wisdom of the clever girls who came before.  

Be, give and have more fun!