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A clever girl would start her day with a PBR – not a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, rather, a polar bear
rinse…. This ancient ritual is almost guaranteed to set you up for a kickass day!
Rinsing with ice cold water after a warm morning shower sounds simply awful, do not despair,
this will become a valuable toughing-up gift you give to yourself.
Essentially, this is a mini version of “Nordic bathing” or “hydrotherapy”, a time honored
tradition, where one would do a bit of time in a sauna and then plunge in to an ice cold bath,
pool, do a bucket bath of cold water, of a snow grotto…. Brrrrrr. Hot water is actually a very
new luxury, most of humanity bathed in ice cold water for centuries.
Rinsing with ice cold water is a mind mastery tool and a goldmine of real physical and
psychological benefits backed by science. Rinsing with ice cold water after a warm morning
shower sounds simply awful, do not despair, this will become a valuable toughing-up gift you
give to yourself.

What a polar bear rinse can do for you…
1. Increase metabolism and gives you instant go-getter energy that is sustained through
out the day. This is achieved when the body toggles between the sympathetic and para-
sympathetic nervous systems,
2. Stimulate your breathing and heartrate. It’s exhilarating, turning the dial to cold takes a
good amount of bravery! To knowingly and purposefully make yourself uncomfortable
takes true grit. Also, the anticipation factor of knowing you will turn the dial to frigid
temps is… well, a bit exciting and give you a little thrill…
3. Create prettier skin – yes, yes, it’s true, cold water rinses will Increase skin tone and
firmness (hot water is very drying to skin). Although, It does not shrink pores (they are
unshrinkable, don’t’ let anyone tell you otherwise). Pore size is determined by genetics,
however, a cold water rinse does aid in the appearance of skin by diminishing puffiness,
refining tone and increasing firmness, you will have nice rosy glow.
4. Make your hair shinier and stimulates your scalp with increased circulation (great for
hair growth).
5. Dial up your kick-assery vibes, trains your brain for toughness and gives you more
resilience and stamina for the challenges that life has to offer.
6. Increase immunity by improving circulation and potentially increasing the number of
white blood cells
7. Improve lymphatic circulation – a great addition to daily dry brushing another addition
to building your immune function
8. Reduce pain and speed muscle recovery – ice therapy is known for this, that’s why
professional athletes do ice-baths and cryo-therapy.
9. Improve Glutathione production, if done regularly. Glutathione is the master antioxidant
of the brain and nervous system.
10. Battle depression and anxiety – Exposure to cold is known to increase beta-endorphins –
upping your feel good hormones that will make for a great attitude, mental toughness
and emotional balance during the day. It’s like a little anti-depressant

Another benefit this ritual will give you is the reminder that life is full of abrupt changes and
challenges. You will never know what will come your way, you need to be ready for anything
and sometimes, it’s uncomfortable.
When I purposefully dial the shower to icy cold, I am reminded that I am able to endure and
conquer my challenges.
Also, I am reminded that I am very blessed to have water (hot and cold) and that I can make the
best of any situation.
Not to mention it gets my adrenaline pumping and clears out cobwebs from sleep. I am certain
to rinse my whole-whole body with cold water with at least 3 minutes of cold… After that I am
pink with pride!