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Hi I’m Gretchen,

By day a corporate warrior with a bona fide science background, on nights, weekends and holiday’s I have lively relationships with overpriced skin care products, fashion, home décor, global travel, nature, cultural detours, delicious food and inspirationally hip people.

A clever girl would manifesto:

A woman whom retains (maintains) relevance in an evolving (turning) world, keeping the delight and adventure of youth, nurturing my intellect like that of a “tenured” academic.  Cultivate, with the keenest of eyes, the cool, elegant, chic style of an au currant classic. 

On matters of beauty, to be vigilant and proactive about my health and physical well-being. As a firm (stalwart) believer in the adage “pretty is as pretty does”, always seek to grow as human being, be generous, kind, well mannered, thoughtful and graceful under pressure. 

I want to improve my equanimity and to leave this world having the wisdom of a shaman.  Oh, and lastly, to be, give and have more fun, life is undersized!