The path to
enlightened aging
begins now.

Will your future self thank you?

Hello, I am Gretchen, the founder of ACGW.  I am on a mission –  a mission to change, re-brand, revive and regain reverence and respect for women north of 40. At A Clever Girl Would, our aim is to see the value of our knowledge, intellect, wisdom, relevance and personal power be respected throughout our entire life.

  The fact is, we are all scared of aging and what it means: to our bodies, our faces, minds, and lifestyle. Often the word “old” is a used as an insult – we say this word as a diminishing toss about ourselves and also about others.  To negate our self worth based on a number is incredibly harmful to ourselves and also our society and this has increased exponentially over the decades in our culture.

I hope you can feel what I feel – the mindset shift is happening and the power of the women of a “certain age” is coming to a person near you.  Please join me if you feel the same way I do!  I am committed to being a catalyst for changing this collective mindset and truly be the change I want to see in the world.

Aging, WTF?

We invite you to join us on this journey to change how the world defines aging in The Second Prime of our lives. The future we create for ourselves is in our capable hands.  We are here to build our happiness as we age gracefully, purposefully and joyfully.   A Clever Girl Would make a plan to enjoy the time of her life when she is freest to explore her passions, her womanhood, her personal goals and her strong sense-of-self.We are breaking free of ageism and self doubt by becoming women we are supposed to be.  Join us and master The Second Prime of your life.

What is the Second Prime?

Will your future self thank you? The Second Prime and our Second Prime Guide™ is a resource and tool to help you identify what you want your future life to look like.  How do you want to feel in your Second Prime and what goals do you want to achieve? We support the whole-you, spirituality, relationships, health, self-care, fun, fitness, beauty, resilience and finances are all part of our program.  You get to CHOOSE and then CREATE the path that is uniquely yours.  The answer to our guiding question, will your future self thank you? Is a resounding YES!

Can we drop you some knowledge?