Well hello there pretty n’ pink Ranunculuses, (lovely, yet poisonous, FYI).

Even when gorgeous flowers stop us in our tracks, we are starting to really feel the jet lag three days into our trip, right on queue, often the third and fourth days are most difficult.

Adding it up: the time change + late nights (aka, early mornings) + socializing + champagne and wine + pastries + frites + too much gluttony in general + dehydration (we never drink enough water, it’s a French waiter conspiracy, we order water, it never arrives, the alcohol always arrives),  = gold medal winning jet lag (not clever…truly!)

We make the only clever choice that sounds like fun – more of more – have a lively girls luncheon at the famed L’Avenue on fabulous Rue Montaigne – THE place to people watch, click the link and watch the video snip, you will be transported to Paris instantly…


The food at all of the  Costes brothers , restaurants (nearly 45 of them) , is consistently yummy and fresh.

The notorious press shy duo of Glibert and Jean-louis Costes have created a signature vibe that is a staple in all of their cool spaces, ultra chic and happening. Their hotel’s and bars are also fun and fabulous places to pop in for a drink or more, or a long weekend…

Love the presentation of marinated haricot vert in butter lettuce leaves, an easy and charming idea!

Lovely girlfriends deep in conversation…

Truffles – lots of them, Kim you win for the “best dish” of the day…

Wise and super clever Kim, dispensing advice on food and life in general…

My hilarious and eternally talented friends Kim Swan and Ana Diaz, both have “secret dinners”. Kim is the chef and creator of New Friends Table,  she ordered the best dish at lunch, black truffle risotto.

Kim is amazing – she can do anything and has or will, at some point – this cherub lives her life with gusto and is an inspiration, everyone should know someone like her.

Ana also hosts a super cool “secret dinner” with her Un artiste a la table, interesting people and terrific food.

Fabulous ladies, Dawn, Denise and Nancy – looking amazing, having fun and lighting up the restaurant.

After lunch we are off to the Rick Owens show, of course, across town…

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