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We are back in Paris for a quick visit and I notice several places around the city that have these amazing living walls.
Vertical gardens are all the rage, these stunning upwardly mobile installations are beautifying and softening up our urban spaces indoors and out. ACGW like to know more about these fabulous happy spaces, how they are made and who makes them..?
This lovely wall is at a wonderful restaurant called Pershing Hall, excellent food and a lovely green garden wall inside the restaurant. Loved the food and the atmosphere was so amazing, I really think the plants made the food taste better!
It looks as if you are outside, but the rooftop is clear…
I just love how being near beautiful plants, they actually have a profound effect on how good I feel. I notice a sense of peace and calm when I am surrounded by nature, even in the middle of a big city, actually, especially when I am in the middle of a big city!
It would be so amazing to have one of these walls in your home.
Beyond the visual beauty, a vertical garden would be a tremendous source of oxygen, and other health benefits, check out the link for more info…
While walking with some friends to the Eiffel tower, we passed by the amazing Musee du Quai Branly, the very clever, creative and inventive Patrick Blanc designed
this giant vertical garden that covers on side of the entire building several stories high…
Patrick Blanc, aptly resplendent with green highlights in his hair, lectures all over the world and does large scale vertical installations, learn more about this plant artist by clicking on the link.
cushion soft mounds of little leaves… I had to touch them.
Close up of a nice variety of lovely greenness….
The wall…
Side view of the support and growing medium, long irrigation tubes run the length of the building slowly watering the plants.
If you are interested in how to create a living vertical garden, click on the highlight for instructions.
A drainage system at the bottom collects all of the extra water…
Patrick Blank has completed several projects in the US as well, including the Drew School in San Francisco. Our neighbors to the north have been a leader in vertical gardening, especially in Vancouver.  Take a look at some of the amazing gardens from the cool company, Green over Grey.
Maybe you should grow up too!