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First things first – as a member of society, we owe it to each other to be the standard-bearer’s of civility, it is our duty.

Like many of you, I travel a lot. Recently, I have been logging too many miles so I am feeling a bit snarky and in the mood to dispense some much needed and sobering advice to my fellow travelers.

Please be more civ·i·lized!

1. Having a highly developed society and culture.
2. Showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement; humane, ethical, and reasonable.
3. Marked by refinement in taste and manners; cultured; polished
 ACGW know about the Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation” written by a young George Washington for a school assignment. The list is excellent and very comprehensive, check it out by clicking on the link above.
He has listed 110 rules to live by, the first rule is:
Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.
Meaning, be aware of the consequences of you and your children’s actions on others.
Read a great article in Esquire written by A.J. Jacobs,
Travel used to be elegant and an event to dress up for, you were going somewhere and it was going to be fabulous!

All dressed up with places to go!

In the last month I have been to or through the following airports: SFO, SNA, MIA, CUR, LAX, and SEA, I have had a nice sampling of what is going on out “there”… Let me tell you – it is not pretty or clever!

The BBC2′s Pam Ann – buckle up Airplane people, buckle up…

She is witty and wry, good for a giggle.

Yes, Airlines have let us all down with shoddy service, lack of food and too many add-on fees, however, how the Airlines do business is not in our circle of influence.

As passengers, we can’t guarantee an on time arrival, but you we guarantee that we look good while traveling. Dressing as if we are actually and proverbially going somewhere, not just downhill…!

Where is she going…?

There is a 20 something woman laying on the floor behind the chairs looking a bit like her suitcase has landed on her, it’s a very “Wizard of Oz” moment. She was loudly chatting on the phone AND she had a pillow under her head…

  It disturbs me greatly to see such a sight – the floor is filthy, it’s a public place, her lack of civility is maddening and toe-scrunchingly awful!

Fringe short-shorts, not clever.

Fanny packs – this guy is ready for a day hike not a flight…

Hmmm, bad back or concerned about theft?

A word about backpacks… Argh!

Airplane people often forget that their overloaded backpacks become hazardous wrecking balls that can jostle, bump and even knock over a fellow traveler.

Usually the “backpacker” is completely unaware that they have just flattened the person behind them.  I have been smashed by many a airplane backpacker without so much as a glance in my direction… Grrrrr.

Here is an example to a simple and chic travel outfit on Olivia Palermo, she is ready for anything and looking fabulous!

Love it!