Aging, WTF!?!

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Hey old lady! Yes, it’s you I am talking to…


The old, older, the oldest, aging, mature, maturest, old lady, over the hill, out to pasture and perhaps, a women of a certain age that is reading this right now.


What happens when you see or hear these words? Do you cringe or say hell-ya – that’s me, I am an ager, happily thinking – bring it on, the years, the changes, the challenges, the joy and the self love, time – you don’t scare me…


When you see these words in stark print and read them to yourself with your unique inner voice do you like the way they sound and feel or, do you wince, just a bit?


Do they cause a little shame, sadness, simply make you feel a blue or even worse, that the best part of your life has passed you by?


Please let me change these words for you, how they land when you say them and you feel when you hear them and how your use them when you speak…


I want you to say to yourself and others (if necessary), but mostly to yourself. You bet, I am old, older and aging and mature and a women of a certain age, and I love it!


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