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The number one most impactful ritual you can welcome into your life is to meditate regularly.


I know, everyone says how great it is, and that it’s the best thing you can for you mind, body and spirit. However, it’s daunting and scary to be alone with your thoughts.  The mind is busy with all of it’s thinking and worrying and jumping from subject to subject…  And the effort!  You need to strain your hip flexors, sit in a corner, use a special pillow for your bum and to carve out time.


Some good news for you – I have cracked the code on how to make it simple, sustainable and a welcome friend to your daily routine. 


Do it in BED, be at your most comfortable.


Purists will skewer me but this is meditation for people who are tired, busy and don’t want to sit up unless absolutely necessary.  Beditation, yes, there is an app for that.  I am partial to insight timer for the 10K++ of guided and ambient meditations to choose from. I love being able to choose what I need at that moment.  You could also try headspace and there are many others too. Insight timer and others have both free and non-pay levels.


Morning beditation is my personal favorite and it’s a pleasure I will not miss! I do wake early to stay in bed to meditate. As soon as my eyes open, I pop in my earbuds and get started as I have found my morning practice is a game changer for how the day unfolds.  I’m a morning beditator but you could do a meditation each night before you sleep. You may even fall asleep during the meditation (totally cool, and you will have a great night of rest).


Here are the easy steps to start practicing beditation right away….


#1… Have your phone and earbuds handy near your bedside (power down when not in use if possible).


#2… Get super comfy in your bed and select a meditation that speaks to you. 

Do you fancy some deep sleep?  Do you want to decrease anxiety, recharge, or cultivate mindfulness.  Do you wish to practice your breath work, master the law of attraction, cleanse your chakra’s?


A nice way to tailor your first few guided meditations is to review the most popular list.  The wisdom of the crowd is a strong bet and reviews are a great way to determine what might suit you. 

Select a short one, snuggle into your bed and simply listen to the words. Yes, your mind will wander.  This is normal and expected. Minds are made to think, meander, make lists, solve problems and all of that. The more you beditate, the easier it becomes to quiet the mind.


#3…. To seal in your practice, set an intention for the day.  I consider how I want it to go, the feelings I want to embody and what I want to accomplish. My intentions are often like this one:


“Today may I be filled with grace, gratitude and courage, may I bring positivity and joy to others and accomplish my daily goals easily.” Simple, but effective…


A few pearls to get the most out of your practice – 

Let the guided meditation be like a lovely story. If you lose focus on the words or the breath (often the anchor), just bring your mind back gently sans judgement.


Be gentle with yourself. Loving kindness first extended to yourself will automatically be given to the other people in your life.


The more often you bring your mind back to the anchor, the breath, the mantra, the stronger and more focused your mind will be.  Meditation is a practice, and the more you practice the easier it will be.


Simply and calmly, new and awesome things will start happening to you, anxiety will lessen, you will be happier and more motivated. You will simple start detaching from stressors and drama! A big plus is that you inner beauty will be shining through and you will be radiant with loads of loving of kindness for yourself and others. 


Also, there are some awesome physiological changes as well – 


          • Increased brain growth: Yes, your brain can still grow even if you are north of 40, -meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is shown to increase of cortical thickness in the hippocampus.  This area governs learning and memory! The very clever girl, Sara Lazar, at Harvard proved this in 2011.


          • Happier outlook: meditation turns on your gratitude receptors to find the goodness in life.  This is a key Ingredient for cultivating self love!


          • Reduced anxiety and the antics of “monkey mind and brain fog”:  Meditation can increase focus and mental stamina.


          • Meditation rivals the efficacy of antidepressants for depression and anxiety meds: it’s an active form of brain training to increase awareness, focus and inner peace, the data suggest it’s equal to that of taking medication for treatment.



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