Chew on this… Dive into endive, celebrate chevre, fluffy couscous & gourmet micro kitchens.

 ACGW visit the oldest marche in Paris, Le Marche des Enfants Rouges its located in the 3rd arrondissement. The marche is stocked with all types of amazing  gourmet food,  is much more than feast for the tummy, but also for the eyes and the soul…

Giant lettuces and perky radishes… Simply beautiful!

Just as we step into the marche there is an instant excitement and and feeling of anticipation, around every corner is something delicious to eat right away or to stock your cuisine… The issue is, of course, having enough room to eat everything in sight.

Our eyes are much bigger than our stomachs…

One of the purveyors has the most massive endives, the size of a small Nerf footballs.

Lets dive into endive….

Endive aka escarole, is more than just pale lettuce, this lovely little gem has been reported to pack quite a nutritious  punch (check it out)… I am a little suspicious, but encouraged, 6 grams of protein, really?

Regardless, I love to use endive for parties, its great swap-out for crackers for dips or other appetizers.

Perhaps a little blue cheese with pear, walnuts and a touch of honey, a perfect and easy hors d’oeuvres.

ACGW try this –  braised endive, easy, elegant and maybe, just maybe, high in protein…

One of my food weaknesses (have several categories) is cheese, in particular the creamy tang of chevre – means goat in French, these little rounds are coated with an array of different toppings, yes please!

France has famous regions that produce the best chevre . Until mid 1970’s goat cheese was not even produced in the US, ACGW check out the story of Laura Chenel, a pioneer that brought artisinal chevre making stateside, a delicious inspiration.

A giant bowl of fluffy couscous, it looks so much smaller in a photo. I would love to dive in and splash around, do you think they would mind?

Dogs in Paris eat better that many people…

Pastries and bread, I think we were a little late…

This interesting tube is a small wine bar inside the marche, it has the smallest kitchen I have ever seen and the chef is whipping up gourmet dishes, truly charming…Inside, a kitchen, a bar, a few little tables and even some retail…

The dishes were gorgeous, a rainbow of fresh and healthful food.

Bon appetit!

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  1. Great pictures and wonderful post….however, I think that I just shorted out my keyboard…slobber will do that!

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