Camera shy Nancy with the bags, en route to our apartment from CDG Airport

There were several famous people on our flight and throngs of photographers at the airport so we decided to hide from our own camera, too famous for the iPhone 4S!

We arrived in Paris with a few hours of decent sleep on board and ready to see the city.

Chez Sainte Croix

First stop, drop our bags at our apartment, at our postage stamp of a pied-a-terre in Le Marais, take a quick shower and change clothes, in and out in less than 45 mins.  It’s important to stay awake until at least 11PM without  a nap.

The best way to stay awake is to have plans and reservations all set up in advance.  We take a brisk walk to one of my favorite lunch spots awaits at Palais Royale to a tiny little restaurant with delicious comfort food, it was chilly so we were craving something warm to help us feel cozy.

Only in Paris will you see…

The couple below were having wine at our lunch spot,  I noticed how cute they were right away… as a couple we noticed several things were interesting about them:

#1 – the man is wearing leather pants, #2 – they brought their own snacks , #3 they are roughly the same age (so lovely and rare) and #4 the woman is a renowned economics author in Paris…

Stylish, clever and still together… take note!

After lunch exhaustion set’s in – it’s now around 3:00 or so and we do a little shopping, my first stop is the Rick Owens shop in the Palais and I fall in love with this clutch – should I buy it? It’s and investment piece and it is the first day of a long trip, I don’t know yet… I will marinate on this little gem and if I keep thinking of it – I will go back and buy it, we shall see…

Clutch from Rick Owens

No time to make decisions, need to make it across Paris for our first show…

We are off to meet our dear friends Dawn and Denise at the Cedric Charlier show. Dawn and Denise are owners of the amazing A’maree’s shop in Newport Beach – every clever girl needs to make a trip to this special place, (more on A’maree’s soon)…

Before the runway show there is the “street show”  outside of the inaugural debut of Cedric Charlier.

The littlest fashionista!

She is supposed to be working – handing out fashion week magazines , fashion bores her…

This lovely is taking her job seriously, take note slacker.

The bluest ones of all…

The gorgeous smiles of Denise, Cedric and Dawn “honorated”…

Before launching his own line, Cedric worked with the famed Alber Elbaz at Lanvin and most recently at Cacharel before striking out with his eponymous line.

Cedric was so charming and sweet, his quote to Denise and Dawn was even more endearing “I am so honorated that you were able to attend my show” – with his french accent, it was easily the word of the week.

It’s a family affair

The show had great shapes, very wearable, and very close to the body.

Chic and strong silhouette’s ruled Cedric’s runway

Very wearable shapes –  these ladies were all business

adore the cream and black dress

I love watching the “watchers”

The green bag catches my eye


Yawn! I know how you feel – it’s been a long 1st day in Paris
The show is over, time to get a cocktail and fresh air… Maybe we can hop in the gold smart car?
Ummmm… GOLD!

We have a cocktail and head back to the apartment for a quick re-fresh. A very clever tip that Nancy taught me was to put my legs up on the wall until the feet start to tingle, go away puffy-ness and au revoir varicose veins.

Resting our tired legs and feet...

After a our refreshing new ritual we freshen the faces a bit and go to dinner, need to stay up until at least 11PM.

We are off to dinner – and then to bed, had dreams of the littlest fashionista running and playing after the show

Living the life…


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