Paris continued, required eating and a little Merci…

When in Paris, I want to blend in like a local girl, I eat loads of pastries – I think it’s the law…

 “local girl breakfast…”

Each morning we start with a decidedly unhealthy but amazingly decadent breakfast of two large pan au chocolat pastries, a massive pan au raisin, quiche lorraine and giant double latte. We toss on our sneakers (Golden Goose)and queue up for delicious, warm from the oven pastries.

We buy all of these at my local Boulanger patisserie in Le Marais called, appropriately enough, Legay Choc. The attitude is quintessentially uppity and the pastries and quiche are amazing, the experience is perfect!

Please and Merci! We are out the door to walk off our not so petite dejeuner.

The cute courtyard leading to the entry – the little red car is always decorated for the season…

Supporting a childrens charity in Madagascar, Merci, is a very well appointed concept store with home décor, books, kitchen goods, clothing, lotions, jewelry and two amazing places to eat, a restaurant and a library café.  The owner is Marie-France Cohen of the venerable children’s clothing company Bonpoint (more to come on the Bonpoint concept).

We do some shopping and looking around this lovey space and try to soak up some of the coolness that is Merci. We are not the alone  in awe – the girl in the photo hopped up on the ledge to take pictures of the garden that the salad greens come from.

It’s time for  us to have dejeuner…

Lunch is very healthful and delicious, Merci for that!

Kiwi green juice (had to have 2), rocket salad and veggie quiche…

Indoor camping – a little fort and a lot of fun!

After Merci we are ready for some more shopping and head over to Rue Saint Honore for a never ending supply of eye candy. One of the most interesting little shops is called Astier de Villatte.

Simply chic ceramics, bleu, blanc et rouge – j’adore!

 Astier de Villatte is filled with charming hand made ceramics, put-abouts, deliciously scented candles and sweet unique gifts…

Streaming thoughts… The platters give me the urge to host a cocktail party or at the very least, have a cocktail…

Or a cafe

More cool vessel’s in a lovely milky white, simple and so chic.

Obsessed with hands and feet objects d’art – would love one of these for a door stopper…

Shy Nancy is resting her legs before dinner while I freshen up.

The Rue Saint Honore has worn us out, it’s time for dinner and an adult beverage.

3 thoughts on “Paris continued, required eating and a little Merci…”

  1. Funny, the gentleman at Legay Choc seem quite friendly to me???
    Another great article on Paris, keep them coming!

  2. love the blog…. love the pic’s…. my favorite line is “….local Boulanger patisserie”


    Toby of Rye Harbor

    PS If you knew me we’d be great friends… c’est vrai!!!

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