In-flight survival kit

Here are some pics of the In-flight skin care & “creature comforts” that I bring, it may seem like a lot to schlep, but it’s worth the effort. The goal is to adjust quickly to the new time zone, and limit the pain that is jet lag, these tips truly help! Also, you never know if you will be delayed or stranded, (not to go dark, but that #@%* happens)…

Nail file, lip gloss, sample hand cream, etc, these items are always in my bag, flight or not…

Packed inside my Goyard tote that is splendidly worn and buttery soft is my in-flight survival gear.  Here is the scoop – two zip lock Baggies; one for liquids and the other for non-liquids:

Bag for liquids:
  • Mini Avene Spray Water
  • Lip balm – Eve Lom
  • Somme skin care system (sample sizes)
  • Perfume – Hermes
  • Hand lotion – Aquaphor
  • Anti-irritation eye drops
  • Toothpaste
  • Small Hazelnut Coffeemate Creamer
  • Tide pen
Bag for non-liquids:                                                                               
  • Extra Ziploc bag – for wet washcloth
  • White washcloth
  • Pill box (Advil, sleep EZ, Excedrin & Rx’s)
  • Gas X
  • Dental floss – Glide mint
  • Toothbrush  & tongue scraper
  • Oil of Olay daily facials
  • Ear plugs
  • Deodorant
  • Cottonelle and Purell wipes (for different “regions” of the body)

In addition to the Ziploc bags here are some other things I cannot do without:

  • Fluffy socks
  • Disposable slippers (saved from a lucky first class upgrade, stored in disposable shoe bag from same flight), keeps socks clean when feet touch the ground… yuck.
  • Scandia Travel “Attache”  – Unquestionably the most brilliant blanket ever & delightfully fluffy
  • Sleep mask  – Origins, has a nifty little soft pillow that serves as lash protector, love it
  • Makeup case – Laura Mercier
  • IPad and magazine

To make my flight as comfy as possible and arrive as fresh feeling as possible I have some rituals, tips and tricks that I employ when I have an international flight.  This system that has served my pretty well, even when my upgrade request doesn’t come through (insert sad face)…

Somme facial serum + lip balm + ear plugs + noise cancelling headphones + travel duvet = happy traveler

Here are a few rules that I try to follow:

  • Pre-hydrate and de-puff: drink extra water, limit alcohol and salt starting three days prior to trip.
  • Comfortable travel outfit – This outfit is a key component to a nice flight as you clever girls know, planes are either hot & stuffy or cold & drafty, neither are ideal…My current travel uniform is black, all black… J Brand side zip jeggings with lots of stretch, Banana Republic tank, Celine lightweight sweater, LV wrap, YSL booties, (usually don’t wear flats unless its summer)…
  • Drink extra large pressed green juice the morning of flight
  • Eat a high protein, low-low carb lunch two hours before boarding flight (chicken salad is my favorite)
  • If possible skip dinner on the plane
  • No wine or champagne (I hate this rule so I break it – I allow for one maybe two glasses of wine ((they are soooo tiny)) follow by water with lemon)
  • Wash face and apply as much serum and lotion as humanly possible, your face should be glowing and blinding your fellow passengers…
  • Smear on lip balm like you are in the circus, thick and messy
  • Now, I snuggle in – I take my sleep EZ (not a real brand, just what I call ambien and the like), put on my eye mask and try to get 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

Waking up in am, shy and sweet Nancy took this shot…

My goal is to get as much decent sleep as possible; coming from LA to Paris is around 10.5 hours (non stop).  The flight arrives in the morning, the cardinal rule is  – NO NAPS! I will have a full day in the city and stay awake until 11pm or later, its’ soooo tempting to get to your room and flop down and sleep like it’s your job –but, that would the opposite of clever…. Staying awake and active will really help to get the most out of your trip and get on schedule as soon as possible…

Can’t wait for my morning coffee with my beloved hazelnut creamer, it’s the best!

Paris here we come!





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